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Live Chat Now Available in ESN

Posted by Aquilon News on Jun 22, 2018 10:30:25 AM


Blog BannerIn addition to the same great phone and email support that you’ve come to expect, we’re excited to introduce Live Chat to the Energy Settlement Network.  

Based on customer feedback, we’ve added Live Chat as a communication option to help you quickly resolve requests like resetting forgotten passwords or updating your login information.

So, whether you reach out by phone, email or by Live Chat, you’ll get answers from a real-live person whose sole purpose is to help you have a great experience using ESN.

Things you need to know about Live Chat

Starting a chat session. 

Blog Chat Image 2Start a Live Chat session by clicking the chat icon prominently placed in the lower right hand corner of every screen in the application.

Switch to a call.

If at any time you would prefer to talk directly with a service center representative the Live Chat session can easily be transitioned into a phone call. This ensures that you receive continuity of service and the most rapid resolution of your questions.

24/7 access to training videos

Blog Video Image-1

Of course you can always get answers about using ESN with our 24/7 on-demand video training library. Watch a video by selecting the "Basic Training Videos" option from the "Service Center" drop down menu in the navigation bar.

In our experience, customers find these three videos particularly useful:

  • What is ESN?
  • Tie out when our numbers match
  • Tie out when our numbers do not match

We’re here to help. So:

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