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Chicago's coolest tech companies are in the ...'burbs

Posted by Aquilon News on Feb 26, 2018 9:40:49 AM

In a recent blog post , Built-In Chicago tells an under-told story—that tech companies are thriving in the greater Chicagoland area—and there’s no shortage of talented people who want to work in the suburbs. 

MIke Fitzgerald Profile.png

Aquilon Energy Services is proud to be one of the featured companies. Michael Fitzgerald, VP of Customer Operations, explained how the company’s office in Lisle helps him strike a solid work-life balance. 


What is your favorite thing about your office or location that wouldn't be possible downtown?

"Work that works with my life. I can coach t-ball for my kids. My wife is thrilled that I drive 10 minutes to get home and I don’t have to worry about parking my car. I really do enjoy a work-life balance at an important time in my life."

How has your company's location helped fuel its growth?

BuiltIn Growth Box.jpg"In addition to finding recent grads, our location attracts experienced, accomplished talent—people who want to take back the time spent on commuting to invest it in their families, their community or rewarding personal projects. This is really an advantage for a startup company, having this powerful combination of experience, energy and fresh perspective." 

What are some of your favorite perks and benefits that Aquilon offers?

Built In Blog Photo.jpg

"Our culture is the best perk ever. We hire smart, nice people and give them the autonomy to do great work. People commute from downtown to work here. And people have moved back from out of state to work here. I love that everyone can see how their ideas directly contribute to the success of the company."

We're hiring!

Check out our job boardAnd welcome to the ‘burbs, where work and life actually work together. 

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Aquilon Energy Services Inc. develops innovative software and service solutions for the energy industry. The Aquilon team combines deep industry insights with advanced technology to bring reliable, collaborative solutions to the energy market. The firm’s Energy Settlement Network (ESN®) enables energy participants of all sizes to manage, access and settle large volumes of power, oil and natural gas transactions with their counterparties. The company is based in Lisle, Illinois, and has an office in Houston. For more information, please visit

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