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Aquilon on List of Fast-growing Tech Companies

Posted by Aquilon News on May 1, 2018 3:59:40 PM

post iconWe’re proud to be on Built-In Chicago’s list of 8 fast-growing Chicago tech companies looking for someone like you. It’s one of the many exciting things going on at Aquilon. We are the developer of the first-ever, cloud-based platform that brings automation to the wholesale energy settlement process and we are growing fast. It doesn’t get more exciting than that. It's a great time to join the Aquilon team.

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Here's our VP of application development Jeff Kararo on what it takes to succeed at Aquilon. 

“People who succeed at Aquilon are problem solvers with a passion to deliver value to our customers. Our team values collaboration, believing that everyone from recent college grads to seasoned pros can bring ideas to the table that will help us achieve our goals. If you can embrace change and take on the challenge of standardizing disparate business processes for each of our customers then Aquilon just might be the right place for you.”

While we’re still on the subject-of-all-about-us, you should know that our team has a depth and diversity of experience not often found in start-up tech companies. From seasoned pros to recent college grads, we channel our differing perspectives to a common goal; to deliver actionable ideas that provide value to our customers.

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A very brief history of Aquilon’s Energy Settlement Network®

From the founding of Aquilon’s Energy Settlement Network our vision was to solve an industry challenge — enable wholesale energy participants of all sizes to efficiently access, manage and settle large volumes of power, oil and natural gas transactions with their counterparties.

In partnership with leading energy companies, we created a new industry standard that helps energy companies significantly improve operations, auditing, compliance, cash-flow management and security. With ESN®, settlement teams collaborate more easily with their counterparties and manage settlement information in a single, secure location.

Aquilon’s ESN continues to grow, with membership projected to exceed 3,000 companies in 2018. The driver behind ESN’s rapid growth is the significant value it delivers to energy companies, and the entire energy industry.

Like we said, if you’re ready to take on complex problems with energy, inventiveness, and a good sense of humor, Aquilon just might be the right place for you.

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About Aquilon Energy Services Inc.

Aquilon Energy Services Inc. develops innovative software and service solutions for the energy industry. The Aquilon team combines deep industry insights with advanced technology to bring reliable, collaborative solutions to the energy market. The firm’s Energy Settlement Network (ESN®) enables energy participants of all sizes to manage, access and settle large volumes of power, oil and natural gas transactions with their counterparties. The company, which was named the 2017 Innovation of the Year by Energy Risk magazine, is based in Lisle, Illinois, and has an office in Houston. For more information, visit

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